Ardea Canepa Esq., Maddox, Segerblom and Canepa

"Judge Berry has the experience and knowledge to handle complex litigation mediations.  She always puts in the time necessary to understand each case so that no time is wasted during actual mediation.  Judge Berry's extensive years on the bench provide for a beneficial evaluative mediation style that aids attorneys and clients alike to understand the risks and benefits of the settlement verses trial on case-by case basis.Our firm has utilized Judge Berry's mediation services a number of times and have always been pleased with her professionalism, expertise and diligence."

Peter Chase Neumann, Esq.

"In the fifty years I practiced law as an active trial lawyer, I observed Judge Jan Berry to be not only a superb trial judge, but an exceptional mediator.  Some judges are better at trial than mediation, and vice versa.  Judge Berry excels at both."

Phil Stone, Esq., The Stone Law Firm

"I recently represented clients in a mediation with Judge Berry presiding.  The matter involved a difficult real property dispute between a buyer, a seller and a real estate firm.  Judge Berry was very well prepared and brought her vast judicial experience, control and compassion to the mediation resulting in an outcome that resolved the matter.  Her mediation skills allowed the parties to avoid a lengthy and expensive trial.  Judge Berry did a great job."

Ann Morgan Esq., Fennemore Craig

"Judge Berry was prepared, listened well, had insights about the issues and parties that encouraged resolution of a highly emotional matter."

Kathy Parks Esq., Thorndal, Armstrong, Delk, Balkenbush & Eisinger

"I was thrilled at how quickly Judge Berry was able to resolve a very complex real estate case that was a legal nightmare for my clients"